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IPSI Unveils PayTo Solution and Payment Services Integrated with Azupay

IPSI Unveils PayTo Solution and Payment Services Integrated with Azupay

IPSI has maintained a steadfast commitment to providing cutting-edge payment solutions. For over 18 years, IPSI has provided highly flexible payment and data security solutions and managed some of Australia’s largest e-commerce and PCI DSS tokenisation projects. Now, with the integration of Azupay’s PayTo, IPSI continues to lead the industry with forward-thinking payment technologies.

With the introduction of PayTo into the IPSI EnterpriseSecure platform, customers gain access to a host of transformative features designed to streamline payment processes and enhance overall operational efficiency. PayTo enables fully tokenised, instant payments, empowering businesses to bolster their comprehensive suite of payment solutions. This addition complements IPSI’s existing array of services, including AI-Powered Dynamic Least Cost Routing & Smart (Redundant) Routing capabilities, Dynamic Surcharging, and self-service integration tools.

“We are incredibly excited to release our PayTo solution to the market today,” stated Eric Maya, Co-Founder of IPSI. “As always, our approach at IPSI is to deliver solutions that address the complex needs of our customers, while simultaneously simplifying the integration and management of payment services. With PayTo now live in the IPSI EnterpriseSecure platform, businesses can harness the power of fully tokenized, instant payments, alongside our other industry-leading services.”

Azupay’s integration enables merchants to seamlessly incorporate NPP-based transactions into their existing payment frameworks. This means that merchants can now manage NPP-based transactions just as easily as traditional credit and debit card payments, all while enjoying the benefits of fully tokenised transactions.

With PayTo, IPSI and Azupay are empowering merchants to navigate the complexities of modern payment systems with ease. This revolutionary solution represents a significant step forward in simplifying payment processes for merchants and enhancing the overall payment experience for customers.


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About IPSI

IPSI was founded in 2006 with a singular focus which remains true today, to design, build and deliver innovative, merchant-centric payment solutions that solve real world payments challenges. IPSI provide an array of innovative payments solutions for both merchants and payments industry partners which seek to reduce the challenges associated with integration, omnichannel, large-scale recurring payments, routing and acquiring. IPSI’s One integration approach allows merchants to integrate once and click-to-enable other payment methods, including NPP based payments.


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About Azupay

Azupay is a leading provider of innovative payment solutions, offering a wide range of services to businesses and consumers worldwide. With a focus on simplicity, security, and convenience, Azupay is revolutionizing the way people transact in the digital age.

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