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Innovation Labs

Specialist real time payments design and development support.

Enhance and accelerate your real time payments for business solution, transition and adoption with expert consulting and delivery support for technology integration and customer payments experience.

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Organisations face a range of payments challenges today

Migration to NPP-based solutions

Developing an NPP-based solution for specific organisational needs requires experience. Azupay’s deep NPP expertise gained over many successful projects can help your overcome this challenge.

Developing user-friendly payments solutions

Payments functionality must be designed with your customers’ needs in mind. Incorporating PayID, QR codes and other user-centric features will increase adoption and ensure the success of your project.

Best practices are constantly evolving

NPP Payment solutions must be current and aligned to best practice standards including open banking protocols and ISO 20022 requirements. Staying abreast of this constantly evolving innovation requires support from industry experts.

Azupay Innovation Labs offer a range of customised, innovative payments solutions

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Product development to meet company and industry-specific challenges, requiring bespoke payment applications and workflows.

Customisation of existing Azupay NPP-based payments features, adapted for your specific organisational requirements.

Adherence to all applicable standards including Open Banking and ISO 20022.

Azupay offers range of consulting services to ensure the success of your NPP solution.

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