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Our leading PayTo technologies enable initiation and set-up of both one time and recurring digital direct debit agreements with customers in accordance with PayTo consent terms.

With 90% of Australian banks, accounts and payers expected to be enabled on PayTo by May 2023, now is the opportunity to eliminate dishonours, streamline processing and reduce costs with a faster, safer and smarter way to get paid.

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Azupay and PayTo

Delight your customers with a digital payment experience that streamlines payments and reduces your costs. Get ready to replace direct debit with Azupay and PayTo.

Azupay + PayTo – Fixed Payments

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The way businesses pay and get paid has evolved

Until now, Australian businesses have relied heavily on costly and inefficient payment methods like direct debit and credit cards. This changes with PayTo.

Eliminate dishonours, streamline processing and reduce costs with a faster, safer and smarter way to get paid. With PayTo your customers receive a superior account-to-account payment experience helping you to build trust, loyalty and improved customer retention.

How can PayTo help your business?

Fixed Recurring

For regular fixed recurring payments like subscriptions, repayments or loans.

Variable Recurring

PayTo can cater to recurring, variable payment amounts such as energy or telco bills where the amount may depend on the actual usage of service.

One-off Payment

PayTo is the fastest and safest way to perform a one-off account-to-account transaction. Online, at point of sale or via a paper or pdf bill, the funds are settled immediately.

How it Works

Azupay are specialists in real-time payments and the first to offer an Australian made consumer-to-business payment solution using the New Payments Platform (NPP) and PayID.

We provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective way for Australians to pay and get paid in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Your business creates a payment request inside your customer’s bank app for one-off or recurring payments.


You are notified when your customer approves the request.


Once approved you collect your one-off or recurring payment

No further approvals are required for future payments

PayTo streamlines payments

Azupay was proud to facilitate the first ever end-to-end PayTo transaction in Australia on initial launch in July 2022.


Eliminate dishonours

Payment processing with PayTo is simple and reliable. A successful payment notification from PayTo means you can fulfil the transaction instantly. While a failed payment is caught before any accounts are credited. This means no costly unwinding of transactions, eliminating dishonours.

Operational efficiency

Legacy direct debit requests are an unwanted overhead for businesses. With PayTo, all digital agreements are stored with the New Payments Platform Mandate Management Service and managed through our modern, highly scalable platform.

Improved customer experience

When a PayTo agreement has been approved by your customer, future transactions are fully automated for billers, while wallets and eCommerce sites can offer one click payments.

Reduced chargebacks

Replacing credit card payments with PayTo moves payment liability to the payers bank. This shift reduces disputes, fraud incidents and chargebacks.

Customer retention

Offering your customers more control and flexibility builds trust and loyalty. This establishes deeper connection and reduces churn.

Better cashflow

PayTo transactions are instant and 24/7 365 days a year. Payments for your products or services move at digital speed giving you control of your cashflow.

Start your real-time payments journey today.

Our team is dedicated to providing prompt and helpful responses to all inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.