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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a new customer or a long-time client, you can find helpful information here to guide you through your experience with us.

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What is PayID?

PayID is a simple service that makes paying money to any account fast, safe and easy without knowing or remembering any bank account details. Azupay automatically provides you with a unique PayID, only valid for your purchase at check-out (in the form of a QR code and email address). You can then use this PayID to transfer money from your online or mobile banking app. Azupay manages the funds settlements and check-out validation process with the merchant.

Is PayID Safe?

PayID is a secure method of payment that keeps you in control. You don’t need to provide any personal or financial information when you use a PayID.

How do I pay with PayID?

To pay using a PayID, simply copy the PayID generated when completing your payment, paste it into the recipient field of you online or mobile banking, and complete the payment for the required amount.

What Is The New Payments Platform?

The New Payments Platform is an Australian industry-wide payments platform for fast, flexible, data-rich payments.

What Is Azupay?

Azupay connects businesses to the New Payments Platform, allowing them to accept payments using PayID and PayTo. These are real-time account-to-account payment methods, allowing you to pay from your own bank account in real-time using your existing trusted banking app or online bank site.

How Does Azupay Work?

Azupay let’s you pay instantly from your bank account using your bank’s existing app. Azupay transfers your funds securely in real-time and does not require you to use a credit or debit card. Simply checkout with Azupay, pay with your banking app using the special PayID provided and your transaction is complete.

Is Azupay Secure?

Azupay uses your banking app’s security to initiate all payments.

Why is Azupay Different?

Azupay is a completely new payment method. You can now pay in real-time without waiting days for funds to transfer. You don’t have to own a credit or debit card and there’s no sign up process. Azupay is the closest thing to paying with real cash from your bank account. Other payment methods can take days to transfer your funds. If your bill is due tomorrow, pay with Azupay to avoid those pesky late fees!

What Systems Does Azupay Use?

Azupay runs on AWS PCI compliant infrastructure. It accesses the New Payments Platform and settles transactions through the Cuscal Exchange.

What If Something Goes Wrong During The Payment?

Should anything happen while you process your payment, Azupay will automatically cancel and refund the transaction.


What Is Azupay

Azupay connects businesses to the  New Payment Platform (NPP) to facilitate low-cost, real-time payments with PayID and PayTo. It’s designed for the digital age, to simplify the checkout experience, and to provide customers more control and visibility of their finances when they make a payment.

How Fast is Azupay?

Azupay transactions are completed in real-time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can read more about the NPP here.

How Secure is Azupay?

Azupay is built on the most secure Amazon PCI compliant platform, it uses the latest TLS1.2 encryption technologies and public/private keys to provide access to its payment orchestration engine.

How Do I Start Accepting PayID and PayTo?

Contact us today to become a merchant and start accepting payments via PayID and PayTo. Say goodbye to payment reconciliation problems and chargebacks and get paid in real-time.

How Do I See My Customers Payments?

Azupay provides Merchants with a fully featured Merchant Portal to manage and analyse its customers transactions, live and in real-time. The Portal can also be configured to automate some reconciliation tasks with external systems and APIs

Can Azupay Integrate To My POS Terminal?

We are in the process of integrating Azupay with a range of POS devices. Please contact us for more information.

Which Business Types Are Prohibited?

Please refer to our prohibited merchant list here.

Do I Still Need to Reconcile Each Payment?

Azupay can provide you with a unique PayID for each transaction. This means there’s no need to add a reference number to identify the payment and no need to reconcile a reference number to the PayID.

How Does Azupay Minimise Fraud?

Azupay is fully compliant with the industry banking standard and relies on Cuscal’s Vigil for NPP, an advanced, data-driven fraud engine, which leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and reduce fraud, while still allowing payments to be authorised in real-time. Most fraudulent payment activity occurs with Card Not Present transactions and Azupay does not require your customer to use or own a credit card or debit card.

How Much Does Azupay Cost?

Azupay charges the merchant a low, per-transaction fee based on the monthly volume of transactions. Azupay does not charge the payer. Contact us to learn more.