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Payments Evolved.

Azupay removes the frustration of legacy payment platforms by connecting businesses to faster, safer and smarter payment experiences with PayID and PayTo.

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Powering business payments with:

PayID for business

Enable fast, secure, and low-cost payments for you and your customers with PayID.

Accept real-time customer bank payments 24/7 365. Speed up cashflow and reconciliation and save on transaction fees with Australia’s first NPP-powered payment solution for business. PayID simplifies the payments receivables process by removing the need for your customers to remember and manually enter card or account numbers.

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Real-time outbound payments to customers, suppliers or employees.

Ensure outbound payments land in minutes, instead of days. Take control of your cash management, with real-time payment capabilities leveraging our always on APIs that allow you to process payroll 24/7 365. PayOut also lets you handle time-critical payments, all while eliminating accounts payable errors through automated payment validation.

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The convenient new way for customers to authorise one-off and recurring payments.

The modern alternative to direct debit is here. Reduce missed payments, dishonours and provide the self-managed payment experience customers expect with PayTo. Fast track your implementation with our industry leading checkout experience, shaped by extensive business and payer research.

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Solving the biggest challenges in payments for billers, banks, business and government


Transition your payments experience to real-time payments powered by the New Payments Platform.

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Payments can be error prone and inefficient. Reconciliation processes are costly and time consuming.

The value of card-not-present crime rose 7.8% to $478 million in 2019 and accounts for 85% of all credit card fraud. Globally, merchants lose around 7.5% of revenue to chargebacks.

Settlement times are too long. Your business can’t receive payment on weekends or public holidays.

Credit card fees take a percentage of your revenue and interchange fees still remain, increasing the overall cost to your business. In 2018, Australian credit card fees totaled $1.5 billion.



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