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Azupay introduces a modernised way to pay: PayID and PayTo for Businesses in Australia

By 9 November 2023No Comments

Azupay solves the frustrations that come with outdated payment platforms by providing businesses with faster, safer, and smarter payment experiences through PayID and PayTo on the New Payments Platform (NPP). 

With PayID, you can bid farewell to complex bank account numbers and implement a simpler and more secure payment process. Azupay generates PayIDs in real time with transaction level data to drive automated business rules on recurring or one-off payments. PayID simplifies the payment process by removing the need for your customers to remember credit card, BSB and account numbers. Using Azupay’s unique PayID technology significantly reduces the likelihood of payment fraud and mistaken payments. All of Azupay’s payments use real-time NPP fraud monitoring and detection. As payments are completed in real-time, you’ll no longer be or waiting 2-5 business days for payments to land. 

PayTo takes it a step further by providing a seamless, pre-authorised payment experience for both businesses and customers. Customers can approve and manage their payment agreements directly from their banking app, enabling faster and more convenient transactions. Azupay and PayTo payments are more efficient, transparent and secure. By moving to a digital version of direct debit, payments include instant account validation. This opens more opportunities for the future of business transactions giving control and options in the frequency of payments while reducing fraud and chargebacks in comparison to legacy direct debit processes.

PayID and PayTo offer an accessible payment solution for your customers. With over 100 banks and financial service providers supporting PayID as a payment method, and most banks now live with PayTo, NPP-powered payments are a cost-effective and viable payment channel for governments, banks, billers and businesses. No apps or sign-ups are necessary, only an Australian bank account. Moreover, the integration process is simplified through user-friendly APIs and pre-built checkout apps, allowing you to start transacting more efficiently.

By leveraging both PayID and PayTo, consumers will be willing to use automated payments. This offers greater control and convenience which helps them to manage their budgets and reduces the need to cancel services due to the intelligent automation. This improved digital experience provides them with greater visibility and control over their payment arrangements. Whether they prefer managing payments with PayID or setting up automatic payments with PayTo, they have the freedom to choose what works best for them at their fingertips. Using PayID and PayTo with Azupay, payments are more frictionless as we provide simple UX for consumers.

Together, we can continue modernising payments and taking control of our finances. If you’re interested in learning more about PayID and PayTo for business, contact our Azupay team today.