Payments Evolved.

Azupay removes the frustration of legacy payment platforms by creating faster, safer and smarter payment experiences with PayID and PayTo for business.

Powering business payments with:

Why PayID + PayTo?

Always on, pays off

Leave 2-3 business days in the past. Accept and make instant payments 24/7, 365.

Competitive pricing

Where other payment methods take a percentage of the sale, PayID + PayTo has a fixed cost per transaction.


No screen-scraping or need for your customers to provide sensitive card and account details.

Automatic settlement

Know where the money is coming from, and what it is for. No manual reconciliation needed.

PayID and PayTo offers flexible solutions.

PayID and PayTo is more accessible for you and your customers. There’s no app, no sign ups – only an Australian bank account. It also offers an easier integration where simple APIs and pre-built checkout apps get you transacting faster.

Using both PayID and PayTo means more options to suit your customers. This enhanced, digital experience provides more visibility over their payment arrangements, being able to control their payments with PayID or set and forget payments with PayTo.

Time to Evolve

Our team is dedicated to assessing your current payments mix and identifying where PayID + PayTo can improve your experience, add security and more. We look forward to hearing from you.