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POLi is a well-known and established player in the Australian payments landscape with many recognisable clients using their platform. In early July, POLi informed its customers that it will cease operations in Australia from September 30th, 2023. For long-time customers of POLi, this change will bring about an urgent business need to find a POLi alternative. If you’re a POLi customer, Azupay has the capability and expertise to ensure that the impact of POLi’s closure is greatly minimised.

Additional Azupay functionality

Azupay is creating an integration layer to enable existing work on POLi’s PayID solution to be reused with minimal integration to upgrade to Azupay solutions. In addition to Azupay’s PayID solution that acts as a direct replacement for POLi’s PayID, Azupay also offers additional products and features:

Unique PayID generation, using your domain

Azupay can generate PayIDs in a way that suit your business; Single-use for one off payments, static PayIDs to facilitate account top-ups or recycled. generation of single-use, static or recycled PayIDs for regular payments. These different implementation methods allow you to provide a clear customer experience with reconciliation down to the transaction level.

Additionally, Azupay generates PayIDs using your business domain, not ours – meaning customers can be confident that they are making a payment to the right business.


PayTo is a modern digital payment solution offering a fast, easy and secure way for customers to pay. It gives consumers more visibility and control over their payments, and enables merchants and businesses to initiate real-time payments from their customers’ bank accounts.


Australia’s leading real-time account to account outbound payment solution via the New Payments Platform. Simple to complex payments workflows with transactions processed, received and reconciled in seconds. A great solution for insurance payouts, payroll and a variety of other applications where business need to make real-time outbound payments.

Migration process

If you are an existing POLi customer, Azupay is creating an integration layer to facilitate migrating your real-time payments requirements to Azupay:

  1. Click the button below to get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.
  2. Change your POLi API endpoint and API keys over to Azupay credentials and get familiar with the Azupay payments dashboard.
  3. Complete Testing and UX review.
  4. Go Live.

Get your real-time payments migrated to Azupay to ensure the impact of POLi’s closure in September is minimal.


Are you an ecommerce merchant using POLi on Shopify, Magento, Opencart or WooCommerce? Speak to our partner HelloClever, who has integrations to add PayID and PayTo to your checkout.