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  • Creating the future of payments, today.
  • Azupay has revealed an updated look and feel with a bold new logo and colour palette.
  • The new branding is complemented by our reimagined company values and mission.

Meet our new brand

We’re excited to unveil our new brand identity, underpinned by a unifying vision as well as guiding principles and values.

Our new logo retains elements of the original ‘alpha’ logo, which recognises Azupay’s heritage and pioneering firsts within Australian payments. The orange square feature represents the company’s ongoing innovation mindset and always something new to learn.

Animation transitioning form the old Azupay logo to the new

To imagine and realise a better way of doing payments

Underpinning our new look and feel are our values as a business. Our mission is ‘Creating the future of payments, today’, with our company values of:

Pioneering – Azupay has and will continue to lead with many “firsts” with respect to real-time payments in Australia.

Diligent – While only a 3 year old company, Azupay has 200+ years of banking and payments experience and understands the importance of ensuring that payments ‘just work’.

Reliable – Azupay is committed to doing what it says it will do, from sales solution interactions to ongoing support.

Considerate – Azupay understands that real-time payments sit within an ecosystem of many payment types, channels, and behaviours and works to ensure that all stakeholders are considered through our engagements.

Collaborative – Azupay builds its solutions in partnership with its customers and partners.



Sydney & Melbourne Payments Networking Breakfasts

On March 28 and 30, Azupay held its first Payments Networking Breakfast events for 2023 in Sydney and Melbourne to launch the new brand identity. We were pleased to share the events with attendees from across the payments space including customers, partners, the Azupay board and and key payments industry partners including NPP, AusPay+, and Cuscal.

CEO John Murphy highlighted the significant steps taken in 2022 – welcoming large-volume clients, significant increases to transaction processing volumes as well as AFSL licensing and SOC2 accreditation. John further stated that in 2023, the company set itself three key strategic focus themes: (1) to be the preferred payments partner for its customers, (2) to be a great place to work, and (3) to build and grow its business sustainably.

Mark Townley, Azupay’s Chief Customer Officer, then introduced the company’s new brand identity and guiding values to the attendees.


We were pleased to be joined by so many industry partners, colleagues and customers to celebrate the launch of our new brand and look forward to continuing our important work with the broader industry in Creating the future of payments, today.