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Azupay and Paydock Team Up to Deliver New Payments Platform Powered Payments for Digital Merchants

By 20 January 2021August 2nd, 2023No Comments

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Paydock. Using the NPP infrastructure, Azupay will be supporting Paydock’s platform so that their merchants can receive funds instantly, while reducing the likelihood of fraud and eliminating chargebacks.

Paydock, an enterprise-grade payments orchestration platform, announce its strategic partnership with Australian fintech Auzupay to support its New Payments Platform (NPP) powered payments infrastructure.

This groundbreaking partnership enables e-commerce vendors and merchants Australia-wide to rapidly deploy cutting-edge payments technology, maximise consumer choice and compress their internal transactional and operational costs. Combined with Paydock, Azupay will blend seamlessly alongside other critical payment methods such as credit card, Paypal and Afterpay, enabling merchants to add it to their ecosystem and benefit from this national payment infrastructure – all rapidly deployed through Paydock’s single platform.

Rob Lincolne, founder and CEO of Paydock said, “Accelerating payments innovation across Australia is in our DNA. We are, therefore, extremely excited to collaborate with the wonderful team at Azupay and the substantial benefit they offer every Australian business. We believe that the Azupay technology stands at the forefront of payment acceptance in Australia, capitalising on years of investment by major banks and supported by the Reserve Bank of Australia. This partnership is a watershed moment for Aussie merchants and will fundamentally change the way we think about payments acceptance in Australia.” As the Australian fintech industry continues to expand, this partnership demonstrates the role Paydock plays in driving fintech innovation. Paydock’s technology is used by global merchants and B2B platforms who benefit from features such as a single API to process payments across vendors, vaulting and routing capabilities as well as smart user and vendor support. Commenting on the collaboration, CEO of Azupay, John Murphy said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Paydock to bring Azupay’s unique, real-time payment offering to the Paydock platform. For the first time, Paydock merchants can receive their funds instantly instead of waiting days. In addition, Azupay reduces the likelihood of fraud and eliminates chargebacks, which is a real game changer for the Australian eCommerce market.” Merchants seeking to find out more about the partnership should email [email protected] to find out about how to load Azupay into their Paydock environment.

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