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Case Study

In September 2022, Optus became the first major Australian telco to leverage PayID and the New Payments Platform as a consumer payment channel. The proof of concept, in partnership with solution provider Azupay, allowed prepaid Optus customers to top-up using PayID.

The PayID solution allows for a unique one-time PayID payment address, that allows customers to use their online bank or banking app to make payments in three scenarios.

1. For failed payments: in an Australian first, when a customer’s automated payment fails, or other manual payment attempt fails, a unique PayID will be sent to the customer automatically

2. For handset unlock fees & voucher purchase: for non-Optus customers, and where a customer has no saved payment method

3. For legacy payment channels: including SMS and IVR recharge

Optus receives these payments in real-time and applies the customers recharge within seconds of payment. Customers also have the option to share their one-time Optus PayID with a friend or family member who can make a payment on their behalf, which gives customers more flexibility for how to pay.

In the 12 months since go-live, Optus has received more than 450,000 transactions via PayID from more than 88,000 customers, indicating that most customers transacting with PayID do so multiple times per month. Most encouragingly, after experiencing the PayID top-up experience, customers have returned to continue using the option. With 20% month-on-month growth in returning customers, this validates research from New Payment Platform (NPP) Australia that 68% of users would use PayID again if more businesses made the option available.

PayID for Optus Prepaid is part of a payments trial that offers greater flexibility for customers with a more convenient way to recharge.


About Optus

As Australia’s second largest provider of telecommunications services, Optus is a leading technology company providing over 11 million Australian customers with connectivity services daily. Through our team of more than 7,000 employees across Australia, Optus delivers a comprehensive range of telecommunications products including mobile and fixed line telephony, fixed and mobile broadband services, multimedia entertainment and technology services, satellite services, and converged business telecommunications applications and solutions.