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Prohibited Merchants

Updated May 2024

  • Arms dealers and manufacturers, weapon sellers and re-sellers, and weapons components suppliers
  • Blood and body parts
  • Domestic/Foreign unregistered Charities
  • Crypto-Currency
  • Game and hunting industries
  • Live animal trading
  • Private military companies
  • Shell Banks
  • Online Casinos
  • Vaping Equipment
  • Dating and Escort Services (MCC 7273)
  • Internet adult digital content sites and providers (MCC 7273)
  • Unlicensed Financial Advisors
  • Unnecessarily complex ownership structures (e.g. nominee or Bearer share corporations)
  • Products & services invoking or supporting racism, violence, abuse discrimination, hatred, terrorism, paedophilia or other immoral activity
  • Counterfeit/Imitation items but not limited to currency, coins, stamps, counterfeiting equipment, trademark infringement items, goods infringing on 3rd party intellectual property rights
  • Other categories that we may identify in future aligned with regulatory and industry advice


PayTo High Risk Merchants

Subject to Prior Approval by Australian Payments Plus for PayTo Product with the following MCC codes.

  • (MCC 6211) Security Brokers and Dealers
  • (MCC 6530/6540) Remote Stored Value Load – Merchants
  • (MCC 4829) Wire Transfer Money Orders (Cash Remitter Businesses)
  • MCC (7995) Betting

Additionally, any merchant which enables an e-wallet, stored value facility, or any other liquid account for its customers such as crypto investment platforms is considered high-risk, regardless of the applicable MCC