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Prohibited Merchants

Updated November 2022

  • Domestic/Foreign unregistered Charities
  • Crypto-Currency
  • Shell Banks
  • Online Casinos
  • Vaping Equipment
  • Dating and Escort Services (MCC 7273)
  • Internet adult digital content sites and providers (MCC 7273)
  • Unlicensed Financial Advisors
  • Unnecessarily complex ownership structures (e.g. nominee or Bearer share corporations)
  • Products & services invoking or supporting racism, violence, abuse discrimination, hatred, terrorism, paedophilia or other immoral activity
  • Counterfeit/Imitation items but not limited to currency, coins, stamps, counterfeiting equipment, trademark infringement items, goods infringing on 3rd party intellectual property rights
  • Other categories that we may identify in future aligned with regulatory and industry advice