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Azupay makes payments safer, faster and smarter for you and your customers.

Fast settlement

Based and developed in Australia, Azupay is built on Australia's New Payment platform and uses PayID. Payments are processed and settled instantly and continuously via the RBA Fast Settlement Service. Your business can go from customer payment to fulfillment and reconciliation with ease and confidence.

Low cost for you and your customer

Azupay saves your business and customers money. Costing just a fraction of credit card and other payment methods, we save your business expensive processing charges and your customers benefit from low fee payments.

Safe and sound

Azupay validates, monitors and confirms each transaction. Azupay is there settling your payment 24/7/365.

Straightforward tracking and reconciliation

Azupay delivers unprecedented tracking, allowing instant reconciliation so you can see every single payment, manage your cash flow and always know what's going on.

Easy integration

Azupay’s widget is easily added to your existing online checkout or point of sale. You can also simply integrate with our secure API, keeping you in control of your customer's payment journey.

Always on and in control

Azupay uses a unique PayID per transaction making it safer than any other digital payment method. Your customers have a secure way to pay, without sharing personal information, credit card details or bank account numbers.

How it works foryourbusiness

Azupay is flexible to your business needs, integrating simply and effectively across sales channels.

Online Checkout

Azupay integrates easily with any ecommerce shopping cart to provide a safe, fast way to process and settle payments. Costing a fraction of credit cards or buy-now-pay-later payment methods, Azupay saves you and your customers money.

Bill payments

Azupay's PayID can be used on your printed invoices or bills. Azupay's QR code and PayID for transactions are the next-generation payment method, giving your back office the best way to process transactions.

Over the Counter

Azupay works seamlessly with your shop-front customer experience. Provide the Azupay QR code or PayID through your point of sale terminal and allow your customers to pay instantly.

We tick allyourboxes

Credit Cards
Buy Now Pay Later
Digital Wallets
Fast money transfer
Low fee
No fraud
no misdirected payments
no over payments
no under payments
instant reconciliation
multi channel
instant cash flow

Join Azupay and secure your business the benefits of a safer, faster, smarter payment method