Does Australia Have a QR Code Problem?

It’s fair to say that QR codes have had a slow burn in Australia, especially when it comes to payments. However, all this could be about to change.

Chris Haylock - Sales Director - May 2020 More
What's Driving the New Revolution In Australian Banking?

Our world is becoming more globally interconnected and this is having a profound effect on our money - how we pay for things, how we get paid for things, the speed at which this happens and the the price we pay.

Chris Haylock - Sales Director - May 2020 More
Is Cash Bad For Your Health?

The use of cash in Australia has been gradually declining for many years - from 69% of payments in 2007, to 27% in 2019. This looks set to decrease further in these uncertain times, as cash is increasingly viewed as an unhealthy and potentially dangerous way to pay.

Chris Haylock - Sales Director - April 2020 More

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